Thiru Vilakku Poojai

Thiru Vilakku poojai performed every Friday after evening aarthi.

The pooja, Vilakku pooja (Lamp-worship) is familiar among women throughout Tamil society and is usually done in groups. This group worship occur in hundreds of villages and cities in Tamil Nadu. Groups of women, often 108, or 1008, or even up to 10008 Thiruvilakkus at a time, gather at temples to conduct simultaneous worship to their holy lamps.

‘Thiru-vilakku’ or ‘Kuthu-vilakku’ is an artistically crafted lamp (Deepa, in Sanskrit), which has a place in the shrines in South Indian homes. It is the symbol of Mahalakshmi, the deity of Fortune and Prosperity. Thiruvilakku Pooja aims at collectively worshipping Mahalakshmi by a large number of women at a time. This is said to bring prosperity to the home and peace to the world. It is mainly done for the well-being of the woman’s family; it brings all auspicious things to each and every member. Sai Mahalakshmi comes to anyone’s house the moment they light the lamp and will grant every single desire of their heart!

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